Experienced Trial Lawyers Handling Contract Claims

If you are involved in a dispute over a construction agreement or any aspect of a construction project, you need attorneys who know construction. At the Manhattan law firm of Wasserman Grubin & Rogers, L.L.P., we have a national reputation in the area of construction litigation.

Our attorneys represent project owners (including corporate, governmental and nonprofit entities), as well as architects/engineers, construction managers, and contractors, in a wide range of construction litigation. We encourage you to contact us to discuss our services.

Litigating on Behalf of Owners, Contractors, and Other Parties

Much of construction litigation involves disputes over the alleged breach of construction contracts. These contracts may be extraordinarily complex and sophisticated or relatively simple. Common claims include:

  • Extra work: We handle disputes addressing whether ordered work was within the scope of the initial contract or outside it.
  • Delay and interference: When a project is delayed, the financial impact on the several parties committed to the project can be considerable. We litigate claims over the alleged failure of owners to acquire sites, obtain permits, coordinate contractors, and process change orders; the alleged failure of construction managers and contractors to timely progress the job; and the alleged failure of architects or engineers to properly design the project.
  • Design and Construction defects: Our attorneys are experienced at litigating disputes among owners, designers, and contractors over allegations of errors and omissions in design and defective work on the project.
  • Contractor default: A contractor default on its obligations, whether actual or alleged, can have enormous financial consequences for the owner, contractor, and other participants in a construction project. We handle such situations and, when necessary, litigation arising out of them.

We have developed a particular reputation for representing property owners in construction disputes. However, we also have a substantial client base among architects, engineers, construction managers, contractors and other project participants throughout the New York City region and beyond.

To learn more about our firm and our impressive history of helping clients get results in construction litigation and the resolution of construction disputes, contact us today.