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Manhattan Business Dispute Lawyers

A business dispute is disruptive in many ways. Your concentration is diverted from operations. Your operations themselves may be disrupted by the other party’s breach or failure. You need to find a lawyer who can help you. And if the firm you choose requires high fees, a lawsuit may not be worthwhile.

At the New York City law firm of Wasserman Grubin & Rogers, LLP, you will find experienced lawyers whose fees are not prohibitive. We have decades of experience handling business disputes and every attorney at the firm has at least four years’ experience.

Negotiation is always the first strategy, and we excel at it. An out-of-court settlement is the quickest and lowest-cost solution. Often, alternative dispute resolution is also less time-consuming and costly than litigation in court. Our attorneys represent parties in mediation and arbitration, and may serve as neutral arbitrators for your business dispute. One of our partners has long been a member of the construction/real estate panel of the American Arbitration Association.

A business lawsuit may be the only way to recoup your losses and be made whole. We are ready and able to handle your matter effectively, at both trial and appellate levels.

Among the matters we handle are:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Business fraud
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Vendor and supplier disputes
  • Partnership issues
  • Commercial contract law
  • Real estate and leasing disputes
  • Business torts, including fraud and misrepresentation

We have developed a strong reputation for our work in the areas of construction, real estate, government contracts and litigation. In addition, we have been called upon to represent clients in a wide variety of other commercial contexts.

Get Representation That Puts Your Needs First

We encourage you to call us at 212-271-9880 or contact us online to discuss our credentials and qualifications, as well as the variety of representation we offer.