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Representation In Business And Commercial Litigation

Last updated on May 5, 2023

At the Manhattan law firm of Wasserman Grubin & Rogers, LLP, our experienced civil trial lawyers represent businesses, government and nonprofit entities throughout the Tri-State Region in litigating a wide range of business and commercial disputes.

We have a reputation for providing each case with the attention of experienced attorneys working efficiently to minimize unnecessary costs. To learn more about the level of representation you can expect from us, call 212-271-9880 today.

Pursuing Positive Outcomes To Business Disputes

Our attorneys have represented a wide range of clients from business owners, homeowners, general contractors, subcontractors and others involved in myriad disputes concerning business and commercial operations, including:

  • Construction litigation: Construction-related disputes can be costly. Our firm provides seasoned legal counsel and representation for the full spectrum of issues surrounding construction contracts to errors in design.
  • Real estate disputes: We help buyers, sellers, lenders, landlords, tenants and other interested parties resolve litigation matters surrounding real estate disputes.
  • Defective products: Defective machinery and other products can cause substantial delays, resulting in significant lost income. We represent businesses and government entities who have suffered harm as the result of defective products.
  • Corporate conflicts: When a dispute arises between management and shareholders or between partners, we work hard to resolve matters as efficiently as possible.

Each of our partners has in-depth commercial litigation experience.

Contact Us For Help Resolving Your Commercial Dispute

If you are involved in a business or commercial dispute, call us at 212-271-9880 or contact us online to discuss our litigation services.