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Seeking Favorable Outcomes In Real Estate Litigation

At Wasserman Grubin & Rogers, LLP, our attorneys represent landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers, lenders and other parties to real estate litigation involving substantial amounts in controversy.

From landlord-tenant disputes to controversies over real estate purchase and sale contracts, we are experienced at analyzing complicated situations, digesting the sophisticated agreements that underlie them, and identifying strategies that enable our clients to prevail and achieve their goals. Call us at 212-271-9880 to discuss our services.

Representing Commercial And Residential Clients

Our focus is primarily on disputes arising out of the lease or sale of commercial property. We also handle a substantial quantity of residential real estate litigation. Our real estate litigation practice is backed by our extensive real estate transactional experience.

We represent clients throughout the New York City region and beyond involved in disputes over issues including:

  • Lease termination: A landlord or tenant may wish to terminate a lease for any number of reasons, including below- or above-market rents, relocation plans, financial troubles and subleases to undesirable tenants. We are experienced at identifying grounds for termination and grounds for ongoing enforcement of lease terms.
  • Disputes over rent escalation and utility charges: Landlords’ attempts to pass through increases in taxes and operating expenses and allocate utility costs to tenants are a major source of real estate controversies. We are skilled at analyzing lease escalation clauses, understanding provisions for the payment of utilities, and challenging the rent and utility charges they allegedly support.
  • Disputes over lease terms: We represent clients in litigation over disputes affecting the ongoing landlord-tenant relationship, such as disagreements over build-out costs and alleged failure to supply services required by the lease.
  • Real estate contract disputes: It is common for disputes to arise during the implementation and closing of real estate purchase and sale agreements. We regularly handle claims for breach, termination and cancellation of real estate contracts.
  • Foreclosure: We have the experience to represent clients involved in large-scale commercial foreclosures on mortgage agreements and mechanic’s liens.

Contact Us For Help With Real Estate Disputes

We encourage you to speak with us to discuss the role our experienced trial lawyers can play in your efforts to favorably resolve a real estate dispute. Call 212-271-9880 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.