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Breach Of Contract: Holding Parties Accountable

Last updated on January 25, 2022

The basic idea behind a contract is simple: One party offers something to another party in exchange for something else. However, contracts are breached all the time, and the fallout to businesses can be tremendous. It is important to seek help from experienced lawyers who can minimize the damage while working toward a swift resolution of your contract dispute claim.

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When Does A Breach Of Contract Occur?

In general, if you do not receive what you have bargained for from another person or business, you likely have a claim for breach of contract. Some common examples where one party fails to live up to its end of the bargain include:

  • Not performing the terms of the contract as promised
  • Taking action or failing to take action in a way that prevents the other party from fulfilling its contractual obligations
  • When one party makes it clear that it does intend to perform its obligations according to the contract

If you believe a contract has been breached and your business has suffered harm as a result, we can help explore your options for pursuing relief and take efforts to make your business whole.

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