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Skilled Counsel On Procurement Issues

Last updated on January 25, 2022

At the Manhattan law firm of Wasserman Grubin & Rogers, LLP, we have a strong background counseling clients — including both government entities and private contractors — on matters of state and local government contracts.

The firm provides representation in preparing and soliciting bids and proposals, and in resolving disputes that may arise during the bidding process or after the contract has been awarded. Contact us to discuss the services we are prepared to provide in this area.

Understanding The State And Local Contracting Process

When a government entity needs goods, services or construction, both the entity and prospective contractors must follow specific procurement rules that will vary depending on the specific government agency, the goods or services solicited, and the kind of contract sought.

Our attorneys are experienced at providing counsel to government agencies and bidders or contractors in matters involving all types of government contracts, including:

  • Construction contracts: Our firm drafts and negotiates construction contracts on behalf of both government agencies or authorities and contractors or vendors, and offers representation in connection with responsiveness, responsibility and other bidding disputes, as well as disputes arising from alleged breach of the contract, default, contractor termination or disqualification.
  • Goods and services contracts: Our familiarity with the rules governing the procurement of goods and services, as well as the procedures for resolving disputes arising out of the administration or performance of such government contracts, allows us to represent clients effectively in connection with controversies arising out of contracts for food, transportation, and other goods and services.
  • Professional contracts: The selection of providers of professional services is not decided on the basis of cost alone. We assist public agencies in the preparation of requests for proposals (RFPs) and private clients in preparing proposals responsive to RFPs, where a government entity is seeking the services of an architect, engineer or other professional.

Disputes in the area of government contracting are not uncommon. Our attorneys are experienced at representing clients in controversies arising out of bidding, default, breach and termination.

To discuss your goals with one of our experienced lawyers, we encourage you to contact us online through this website or call 212-271-9880.