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Experienced Counsel For Construction Law And Litigation

Construction disputes and other legal roadblocks can result in ballooning costs, leaving everyone involved unhappy. It is important to seek help from experienced legal counsel who understands the ins and outs of construction law and litigation, particularly in the ever-changing landscape of New York City.

At the Manhattan law firm of Wasserman Grubin & Rogers, LLP, our attorneys have decades of legal experience representing business interests of all types in matters involving construction law. To find out how we can help you or your company, call us at 212-271-9880.

Litigating And Resolving Construction Disputes

Our lawyers represent all types of parties involved in a construction project, including corporate, governmental and nonprofit entities. We handle a wide range of litigation matters and claims, including those involving:

  • Termination and disqualification of contractors: The relationship between government entities and private contractors is governed by complex laws and regulations. We handle matters involving contract termination, contractor default and other issues that arise between government entities and private parties.
  • Contract disagreements and breaches: If it weren’t for contractual obligations, construction work simply wouldn’t get done. Projects large and small are governed by a complex web of agreements between numerous parties. We can help draft and negotiate contracts and handle litigation related to contract disputes.

We understand that even a minor delay can have significant costs. That is why we will work hard to resolve disputes as efficiently as possible while protecting your valuable interests at every stage of the legal proceeding.

Contact Us For Skilled Construction Law Representation

To learn more about our history of helping clients get results in the area of construction law, call us at 212-271-9880. You may also contact us online and we will promptly respond to your message.