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Representing Government Entities and Contractors

Last updated on January 25, 2022

The relationships between government entities and private contractors providing goods, services or construction work are governed by often complex statutes and procurement regulations.

At the Manhattan law firm of Wasserman Grubin & Rogers, LLP, our attorneys are intimately familiar with the laws and rules governing contractor responsibility, termination and disqualification. If you are involved in a dispute over a government contract, contact us to discuss your options.

Understanding Grounds For Terminating And Disqualifying Contractors

Our firm assists state and local government entities as well as contractors in proceedings to disqualify a bidder for award of a particular contract, terminate a contractor on an existing contract, and/or disqualify the vendor from bidding for future work. We are highly experienced in the following areas, among others:

  • Contract termination: A government entity may seek to terminate a contract either for convenience or for cause. A termination for cause is also called default.
  • Contractor default: If the government agency or construction manager believes a contractor has breached its contract, it may seek contract termination on grounds of default.
  • Contractor responsibility: Where a contract must be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, a finding that the lowest bidder is not responsible will disqualify the contractor from award of that contract.
  • Debarment: In certain instances, a contractor that has been a poor performer, defaulted on a contract, or committed misconduct may be disqualified, or debarred, from even bidding on contracts for a particular period of time.

These kinds of disputes often involve serious allegations of contract breach, poor performance or ethical violations that must be handled carefully.

Our experienced procurement lawyers represent clients throughout the New York City region and beyond in disputes involving construction contractors, vendors of goods and services, and architects, engineers, and other professionals. Contact us online or call 212-271-9880 to learn more about our services.